Creating Space


The owners of this inner-city garden came to me a couple of years ago with just one request: could they please have a lawn, no matter how small. Just a pocket of green grass for their young children to play on.

What had been a lushly planted courtyard now felt cramped and overgrown. In a small garden every inch counts, and we needed to open the space up.

Before: Paving, plantings, and no lawn
During: the new layout taking shape

Michelia trees, which have a fragrant white flower in spring, now form a screening planting at the back. Bricks were taken up and reused for a new layout. By pushing the beds back to the boundary I found space for a new lawn:

P1080667 (2)
After: the same area, looking twice the size.

The new plantings require little maintenance, withstand the hits from children playing, and will add increasing levels of privacy as they mature.

The new design has found the space that was lacking earlier, and has given the owners just what they wanted: an smart new area for family and friends to spread out.




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