The Roses of Tinakori Road

Rosa ‘Souvenir de Mme Leonie Viennot’ at Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

Is it just me, or have Wellington’s roses been really great this season? Its hard to see why, given the lack of sun and continuous gales we had all through November!

One place you will find a fantastic display of spring roses is Tinakori Road, Thorndon. Whether by accident or design, a good number of the historic houses that line this road have roses in their front gardens. So in late November I decided it was worth photographing as many of them as I could. I had to battle a lack of parking (curse you, Residents Parking spaces), roadworks, a protest march, and a howling northerly, but here is the result – a gallery of the Roses of Tinakori Road.

R. Alberic Barbier

I’m fairly sure of the roses I have named, but would welcome any help with the unknowns!

R. Crepuscule


The pink tinged bud of this lovely yellow rose has got me at a loss to name it!




R. Dublin Bay


This might be R. Anais Segales….thoughts?


R. Graham Thomas with R. Mutabilis


R. Pierre de Ronsard.


R. Pierre de Ronsard – exquisite.




R. Iceberg




This one is growing in a strip about 6 inches wide, between the house and the footpath.



Roses can be the most infuriating plants to grow, like when you find them covered in aphids or black spot, and you feel guilty because you haven’t fed them in ages, or forgot to prune in July. But as these pictures show, whether you tend them with loving care or leave them completely alone, they will reward you with persistent loveliness.

So mark it in your new 2015 diary – late November – take a walk down Tinakori Road!

2 thoughts on “The Roses of Tinakori Road”

  1. Gorgeous! Although it does make me wonder why we always want what we can’t have. Having created three gardens as we have moved house within perfect ‘rose’ climates with little interest in growing them, now I live in a very humid area with sandy soil I crave them!


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