Front Entrance – Before And After

I was asked a while back to do something about this client’s front entrance. Here is how it looked then:

ridley-smith (2)

And here is how it looks now:

A new entrance porch with new fence and gate made a huge difference to the previously cramped and overgrown  entry of this client's house.
A much smarter, more welcoming arrival space.
  • The generous steps and landing make the area feel much larger and lighter.
  • The new wrought iron side gate offers a nice glimpse of the garden beyond, and also allows the owner’s dog to see who is arriving.
  • The wheelie bins now have their own purpose-built ‘cubby house’ and don’t need to live at the front door.
  • The new porch roof gives plenty of shelter, and its large skylight means there is no compromise on light levels.

Finally, due to deep shade thrown by neighbouring trees, our plant options were limited, but the ferns and clivias have thrived. The touch of orange from the clivias works well with the new cedar slat fence and front door.

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