A Grand Day Out at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Magnificent clematis display in the Floral Marquee

In July I had one of the best possible days out with my great friend Libby, visiting the Royal Horticultural Society Hampton Court Palace Flower Show near London.

I admit getting to it was a bit of a mission. Being in London in the first place meant a 27 hour flight. To reach Hampton Court Palace on the day we took the Underground, a mainline train to Richmond, then a boat up the Thames. We ran late for our train, so did the London Dash – sprinting up miles of escalators, surging through the ticket barriers, galloping onto the concourse at Waterloo whilst simultaneously looking to see what platform to head for, then pounding down the platform and throwing ourselves onto the train with our lungs bursting, expecting the doors to slam shut behind us. Then naturally were informed that due to a signal failure at Clapham Junction, the train wouldn’t be leaving for half an hour.

The only method of transport we didn’t use was this horse and cart.

Never mind, it was well worth it. The show is on a mind-boggling scale with hundreds of tantalising exhibits. The show catalogue alone runs to 200 pages!

Have realised that what I really need is a large bronze apple in my garden…


…no, make that a huge Dodo..


First, we found the Show Gardens. After the minimalist look that was so fashionable a few years back, it is great to see the return to an emphasis on plants rather than hard surfaces. The Jordans Wildlife Garden looked like it had been growing there for ages rather than just brought in days earlier.

Look at that lovely colour scheme of soft yellows and purples in the Jordans Wildlife Garden… this combination of colours was popular throughout the show gardens.





‘The Forgotten Folly’ garden, below, came complete with ruined Gothic archway, which incidentally you can buy to order from redwoodstone.com.

Above & below, views of The Forgotten Folly, designed and created by Mark Lippiatt & Lynn Riches of Horticolous.
I love everything about this photo: the planting, the colour scheme, the rusty gate and drystone wall, and the marquee beyond which says ‘Champagne, Pimms, & Seafood Bar’.


‘Halo’ garden, designed by Stuart Towner for Hambrooks.

The ‘Halo’ garden, above, won the prize in the RHS competition ‘Your Garden Your Budget’, for a garden with a budget of £13,000. The designer took his inspiration from a traditional Greek island, hence the blue halo which references the domes of the Greek Orthodox churches. This courtyard garden featured a great selection of drought-tolerant plants.

Next, the Floral Marquee, which seemed to be about 800 feet long and held 96 plant exhibitors. I envied the lucky locals who were buying all sorts of treasures!

Lavender, anyone?


An award-winning display of alliums and lilies from the Netherlands.


I was very taken with this Hydrangea ‘Pink Annabelle’, which sadly doesn’t seem to be available in NZ. Does anyone have one? Let me know!

It was a grand day out, quite inspirational and loads of fun. My one piece of advice is to get there as early as possible – the crowds built up steadily as the day went on until it got difficult to get a good look at the displays. I guess that’s when it would have been a good idea to find that Champagne & Pimms tent again…

3 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show”

  1. Gosh, I could stare all day at that first photo of the Jordan’s Wildlife Garden. So much complexity and yet it sits together perfectly. I must get back to the Hampton Court Show again soon!


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