Tulip Time

Tulips 'Angelique' and 'Pink Diamond' against a spring sky
Tulips ‘Angelique’ and ‘Pink Diamond’ against a spring sky

Welcome to my garden diary! My garden is such a happy place that it’s time to share it. Starting with one of my absolute favourite flowers: Tulips.

My tulips looked amazing for weeks, even surviving gales and a couple of hail storms. The two pink varieties I chose this year worked so well when the crab apple tree started flowering at the same time. If you want to grow tulips, get hold of some next March, put them in the fridge for about 6 weeks, then plant at about a spades depth and sit back. Unless you have really nice garden soil, I think it’s better to use premium potting mix in a decent sized pot or tub. In Wellington the bulbs are usually discarded after one year. I experimented this year and let some of last year’s bulbs come up (they seemed to want to) but the flowers weren’t as good. So from now on I will be ruthless. Out they go! New bulbs next year!


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